Congratulations to Rachell Marie Lariba from Kapolei for being the winner of our May Teen Pregnancy Prevention poster contest!

“Sexuality is expressed in the way we speak, smile, stand, sit, dress, dance, laugh and cry”

Sexuality is a vital part of who we are, what we believe or feel, and how we interact with others. Sexuality includes body parts, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, body image, experiences, thoughts, ideas, love, joy, compassion and sorrow. Sexuality can also be influenced not only by ourselves, but by our family, friends, religion, media, goals and self-esteem.

Sexuality is a natural and normal part of life. There are many things that both boys and girls go through and experience throughout their lives.Sexuality is about knowing yourself and your body and understanding the different changes that you will be experiencing as life goes on.

The above information comes from Sexuality Resource Center for Parents (SRCP) 


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