Romantic Relationships

What makes a romantic relationship work? What makes it strong?

And when do you know when to call it quits?

Relationships always require some essential tools that should be used as guidelines when you are in a romantic relationship. These are good for any relationship really, but are extremely important to check in on when you are in a romantic relationship because lets face it: with a significant other, we all tend to look at the world through rose colored glasses!

So what are these guidelines? Take a look below:

Relationships end for many reasons, sometimes just because the feelings fade away for one or both people. Sometimes it feels like the partner in your relationship is feeling more like a burden or that they are asking too much from you, and you feel drained.

AND sometimes relationships end because they are unhealthy or abusive. These relationships can involve physical, sexual and emotional abuse, putdowns, guilt trips, controlling behavior, negative fighting etc.Here are a few signs of an unhealthy relationship:

Tips for Starting a Healthy Dating Relationship and Ways to Stay Safe:

  • Get to know a person by talking on the phone or at school before you go out with them for the first time.
  • Go out with a group of friends to a public place the first few times you are spending time together.
  • Plan fun activities like going to the movies, a picnic, the mall, a walk, etc.
  • Be clear with the other person about what you feel comfortable doing and what time your parent(s) or guardian(s) expect you to be home.
  • Tell at least one friend and especially your parent(s) where you are going, who you will be with, and how to reach you.

Sometimes the healthiest relationships run their course and it becomes clear that the only option is to break up. Click on the link by below to learn a few helpful tips on how top break up: the nice way!