Sexual Violence & Social Media

Sexual Violence is also a problem within the social media community and digital world including phones and internet. One would never think that the same place you meet friends and family to chat and share personal information (including pictures) about your experiences and life in general, can also be a place where Sexual Violence can take place.

Getting Help

Sex Abuse Treatment Center (SATC)

24-hour Hotline: (808) 524-7273

Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC)

Oahu Teen Alert Program Helpline: (808) 531-3771
Neighbor Islands Teen Alert Program Hotline: (800) 690-6200

If you have an Emergency, please call 911.

Learn M

Learn to be safe in the digital world

Learn about digital abuse

Do’s and Don’ts in the digital world

Keep you, your siblings, family members and friends safe in the world of social media