About TeenLink Hawaii

TeenLink Hawaii (TLH) is a youth empowerment, outreach, and education program that provides information and referral services for teens in Hawaii.

The TeenLink Hawaii goal is to provide an effective youth-focused program promoting positive youth development through peer leadership and support, access to relevant information and resources, and connection to a caring social network. The TLH website serves as the home base for the TLH program and provides credible, evidence-based information regarding teen issues and interests. The vast spectrum of subjects and resources encourages a comprehensive literacy and empowers youth to make safe and well-informed decisions.

TeenLink Hawaii Youth Leadership

TLH Youth Leadership is volunteer based and participates in peer education, community service, advocacy campaigns, and other leadership skills development activities. The TLH Youth Leadership develops and implements education and awareness initiatives regarding important teen issues. TLH works with schools, youth groups, community organizations and interested community members to distribute resources, conduct presentations, plan school and community activities, and raise awareness. Each month features a topic that coincides with national or local campaigns and/or awareness initiatives. GET INVOLVED!


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