Sexual Violence Is About Power & Control

"It’s important to know that SV is much more than a physical action against someone."

Sexual Violence includes sexual harassment of any form (sexting and verbal comments, or physical contact such as touching, groping, and other unwanted sexual advances). It is also an attempt to force or convince an unwilling person to perform an unwanted sexual act by trying to plead with them, trick, threaten, blackmail, or use their religious beliefs or cultural traditions, or even their sexual preference or sexuality against them. 

The practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

"Having a boyfriend or girlfriend should be something fun, something beautiful and carefree."

Sometimes there are disagreements beyond the dreamy, happy things and that’s okay because it’s the natural process of having a relationship. But, it’s important to recognize and admit to behaviors that lead to the use of sexual violence, threats, harassment, and other tactics to exert power and control over a person. At times, even more extreme abusive behaviors happen. These include Sexual and Reproductive Coercion of a partner to maintain complete control over someone.

Getting Help

Sex Abuse Treatment Center (SATC)

24-hour Hotline: (808) 524-7273

Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC)

Oahu Teen Alert Program Helpline: (808) 531-3771
Neighbor Islands Teen Alert Program Hotline: (800) 690-6200

If you have an Emergency, please call 911.

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