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TeenLink Hawaii (TLH) is a youth empowerment, outreach and education program that provides information and referral services for teens in Hawaii.


IM SO HI Above the Influence is a project of Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii in partnership with Kapolei High School and Pono Kapolei. The project is led by a Youth Team consisting of Kapolei High School students in grades 9 - 12. The campaign slogan IM SO HI Above the Influence, created by the Youth Team three years ago, promotes the message of being proud to be alcohol, tobacco and drug-free.

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The CADCA Experience

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With Hawaii's plastic bag ban now in effect, learn how to make your own reusable bag out of an old t-shirt. It's fast, fun, and eco-friendly!

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Spice Synthetic Marijuana

Spice is a synthetic aka “man-made” drug that provides a high effect similar to marijuana. Spice contains a mixture of plant materials and unregulated chemicals. Spice is often coated with unknown toxic chemicals, causing a dangerous & unpredictable high.


Butane Hash Oil 

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E9 Social Media Project 

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