Helping A Friend

If you are in trouble or need advice, who is the first person that you turn to? The most common answer for teens are their friends and peers. Friends and peers are the first to know if a friend is having trouble at home or school and many times are the first to know and/or recognize the signs of suicidal thoughts. Due to this, it is important for teens to understand what to do if a friend is in such a situation.

There are 3 steps that you as a friend can do to help a friend in need.

  1. Show you care – Listen without judging or giving advice. Talk about suicide and the situation seriously. Stay calm, and if possible, stay with your friend.
  2. Ask about Suicide – Ask directly about suicide. Don’t fear that you might be giving them ideas, you need to know if they have even thought about it.
  3. Get Help – Take action as soon as possible. Identify and ask a trusted adult. Call a crisis line. Offer help or hope for a friend in any way that you can.