Start a Gay-Straight Alliance

Gay-Straight Alliance's (GSAs) are student clubs that work to improve school climate for all students and promote acceptance, tolerance, and support. There are numerous schools throughout the state that already have GSAs, but still many that do not. Think you are interested in starting one up? Here are a few helpful sites that can help you along the way!

The GSA Hawaii branch is statewide and provides support for starting GSAs in any of Hawaii's schools.  The GSA website has a listing of schools that have a GSA club already on campus, but also gives tips and support information on how to start one in your school. 

The GSA National Network is also a national youth leadership organization that connects school-based GSAs to each other and distributes other community resources. They provide peer support, leadership development and training.

Both websites have helpful tips on how to recruit for your schools GSA, plus other tips along the way! With these two resources, along with the support of your school and peers, you are well on the way to start a GSA on your school campus!


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